The other day someone asked us just exactly what it was we did here at Intercentive. After a quick discussion that dismissed the eating of coffee and croissants we decided Intercentive provides Performance Improvement, Channel Marketing, Training, Incentive, Recognition and Business Networking platforms, and that we pride ourselves on data manipulation and good quality, in depth reporting.

We build online programmes, we could build one for you. We are quick, efficient and cost effective, building bespoke and “off the shelf” global online platforms for market leaders. We have built programmes that are used in over 50 countries, often operating in local languages.

If you have specific ideas and intentions we can build you a bespoke programme, alternatively if you need a training, motivation or networking solution our ‘Oyster’ platform might be right for you.

Contact us by email or give us a call on +44 (0)1920 821098 and we can have a chat and find out what’s the best solution for you.


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Creative Minds

We consult with clients to make bespoke online solutions. Sometimes the expected idea is not the right one, it takes imagination and creativity to drive participant engagement.

Engaging and retaining your team is not just about winning the 'Big TV'. It's about motivation, recognition, participation and rewarding.

Let us know what your goals are and we will give you the tools to achieve them.

These are just a few of the bespoke web platforms that we have created. Rollover the image to see the detail.

To find out more about Intercentive's bespoke web platforms, contact us by email or on +44 (0) 01920 821098


Oyster is a specific Channel incentive and training programme aimed at promoting products and educating staff enabling them to sell more effectively. Oyster incorporates Business Networking elements that will drive participants to the site and engage them with the programme, allowing them to develop and share ideas and best practices. Oyster enables users to take part in forums and votes, post on walls, effectively search a document library, update their profile, read the latest company news, learn, grow and be more productive.

Oyster’s animated dashboard can be linked with recognition, incentive and reward programmes within the same online platform ensuring minimum performance criterias can be met before related earnings and bonuses are earned. The Oyster platform offers the opportunity to launch strategic recognition of achievement as well as tactical performance incentives.

Contact Adam if you would like to view our Oyster Demonstration site. You will be able to take part in training modules and an incentive programme, interact with our forum and votes, check out the latest news, browse the online catalogue and search the asset library.

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To find out more about Oyster contact us now.


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We delve into the dark reaches of technology. We have fought the programming guardians and tamed the unruly code. Now we hold the key to the perfect programme. Let us create it for you.

For enquiries about Oyster Training or Oyster Incentive:
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We look forward to hearing from you, although if you could try not to call between 1100-1130 on a Monday that would be appreciated, as it’s coffee and croissant time.

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